Visiting Ft Worth

March 2, 2008

Canterbury Campaign

I just returned from a wonderful visit to the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth.

Integrity sponsored a Eucharist followed by a lecture with Integrity founder Dr. Louie Crew as part of the Canterbury Campaign (you can support Integrity at Lambeth by clicking here).

The people I met were such amazing witnesses to the power of love over fear.  Their stories, resiliency, and capacity to heal and rise from death were amazing.
Louie Crew visits Ft. Worth

Last night, after the amazing day of the event, filled with so many new friends, and hearing both the amazing stories of darkness in Ft. Worth and the light that is shining there despite it, I had a dream.  In my dream, I drove a long way with my children and their other dad and we arrived home– my parents’ home– in the mountains.  We pulled into the driveway and were greeted by our family, and the house was filled with longtime friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Not long after we had settled in, we began to see smoke over the ridge of the next mountain.  We turned on the television, and we learned that there was a big fire.  All of the homes up the hill were being evacuated and people were forced to leave.  We were worried that we might be forced to leave as well.  We could see the smoke moving closer and closer, and we were beginning to pack our things.  I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving this old place that had meant so much.  I drove up the street by myself against the traffic of the evacuating peoples as they fled the fire, and came to the end of the road.  I was horrified– many of the houses had been burned.  They were in ruins, falling down, never to be the same again.  Somehow I knew that no one had lost their life, but the saddest thing about it was that this community had been irrevocably changed.  These families could not return.  The fire had driven them away.  I drove back home, giving thanks that the fire had stopped short of burning out my family and friends.

I told some friends about my dream, and they agreed that Ft. Worth has had an impact on me!  Lots of people have been driven out of the church by the fires that rage.  Who knows if they will ever heal enough to come back should there ever come a day when that fire will be put out.  I’m sad for all who have been driven from this church– sad and angry for those driven out by abuse of power but also sad for those whose own inability to love keeps others out of their hearts.  I only pray that we can find it in our hearts to make this church a place where all are welcome in community and thanksgiving– sooner rather than later.



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