Could the Mormons be Slowly Coming ‘Round?

February 10, 2008

from the AP, quoted here from MSNBC…

Gay Mormons seek meeting with new leader

Late church president Hinckley urged compassion toward homosexuals

SALT LAKE CITY – A group of gay Mormons is seeking an unprecedented meeting with the new church president and his counselors, hoping to begin a conversation and find ways to address the concerns of its members.

Read the whole thing here.



4 Responses to “Could the Mormons be Slowly Coming ‘Round?”

  1. Michael Says:

    I don’t imagine the Latter Day Saints will radically alter their beliefs about the LGBT community in the near future. I do note, however, that the existence of a living prophetic office provides them with a mechanism for such a major shift in the future. This is what enabled Spencer Kimball in 1978 to open the Mormon priesthood, and thus full membership, to black men.

    Although I find many Mormons quite admirable and wonderful people, I do not find many things about Mormonism as a religion attractive. At the same time, they have something that most Christian groups lack: a way to adapt to a changing world. Even we Roman Catholics do not have this in the person of the pope, who generally feels that his teaching authority only allows him to repeat and reinforce what has been said before. It normally is not understood as leading him, or allowing him to lead the church, in new directions. This was part of the tragedy of Paul VI’s dilemma with birth control.

  2. Neil Mudde Says:

    I am a 68 year old married gay man. I was brought up in a Calvinist Home, attended their school indoctrination, suffice it to say it caused more suffering then enhancement to the person who I really was
    It has taken me years of other faiths/therapy/alcohol-abuse/ to finally realize the wonderful pearl that I am.
    I see little value in being part of a “system” which obviously has a great deal of problem with Christ’s command “Love your neighbour as yourself” I see more “love in action” from people with no religious affiliation. I am puzzled by a gay person to even consider wasting their energy on changing concepts of any religion, when time could be better spent volunteering,helping others.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Hi Neil, thanks for commenting.

    We all have to find our own way back from the darkness of spiritual abuse, a journey that can take more than a lifetime.

    I pray that the wounds which are healing for you will yield you deep peace on the path of life.


  4. tasithoughts Says:

    I believe it is a great effort by Affirmation to reach out to the Church leadership. However, it will take a “revelation” to change church policy. I believe that act of God will be come as a change of heart by the leadership of the Church.

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