More on the ABC’s Advent Letter

December 31, 2007

Thanks to the Episcopal Cafe, I found this post on The Anglican Scotist which presents a completely accurate assesment of the Archbishop’s Advent letter.

My favorite part is this:

“Once again”–ordaining Robinson seems to be the other case. This is what theological postliberalism can look like–Williams’ ignorance of the very type of power politics in which he himself is engaged. A grotesque ignorance of TEC’s  history: our relatively unique episcopate is no accident, and his special pleading with the circumscription “not about some sort of autocratic episcopal privilege” seems willfully perverse. As if episcopal autocracy were the only available disjunct driving the formation of our polity! The Enlightenment, and the notion of a republic ordered with intrinsic checks, did not arise in a vacuum but out of the failure of premodernity to–among other things–regulate its indulgence in the rituals of power politics. TEC’s polity arose in the recognition–the self-recognition–of a potentiality for disordered desire at the level of social structures. It is ironic Williams’ very questioning of this polity shows the need for it.

I have had a post started on postliberalism, postmodernity, and power for some time but just haven’t gotten around to finishing it.  I think +++Rowan and the Anglican Scotist have made my point for me, actually. 



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