And on video…

November 13, 2007

The sermon I posted a few days ago is now available on video…

Google Video is having a few problems at the moment, so it may not work for a day or two, and the audio is poor so be warned.



3 Responses to “And on video…”

  1. FrMichael Says:

    Dear Jeff:

    Having been in a homiletics class or two in seminary– and knowing the artificiality of it, here’s a few suggestions for improvement– this is meant only as constructive criticism, note that there is no evaluation of the content as such:

    1) Have you preached a homily with only an outline rather than a fully written-out script? Your interaction with the class “assembly” was pretty minimal. Is an outline even possible given your professor or are you required to type out a full script? You seemed subdued in sections where your words were strong, and I blame being completely tied to the written homily for that mismatch.

    2) Are you preaching in a classroom or in a chapel? It certainly seemed like the classroom: too bad for you. The unrealistic environment certainly adds to the artificiality of the seminary preaching environment.

    3) Your proclamation of the Gospel was probably the most negative thing I noticed: it sucked life out of the homiletic event before you even began to speak one sentence of your homily. Being that we are both from liturgical traditions, a strong proclamation of the Gospel is a must before our personal preaching.

    4) Ditto for the Signing of the Cross. It seemed more of an embarrassed or ill-practiced gesture than an act of prayer. That could be due to the artificial environment of the classroom.

    On the positive side, you seemed to show no nervousness in your Gospel proclamation or your preaching. I don’t know whether your subdued presentation was you covering up your nervousness or due to the artificiality of the “homily,” but at least you didn’t have the self-conscious jitters one often finds in seminarians (and priests occasionally). Your voice was understandable throughout. There was a logical flow to your homily, although I would have been hard-pressed to give it a title if you hadn’t provided one yourself.

    Anyways, for a Homiletics I homily I would give it a B or B-.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Thank you for your thoughts,Fr. Michael.

    This was a video taped in a sermon prepared and delivered for an exegesis class, not a homiletics class.

    I agree that the reading was not that great, nor was the delivery, but that was not the focus of the class.

    Despite that, I got rave reviews on the sermon both from my professors and my colleages– perhaps it loses something on video- and certainly the classroom does detract from the overall liturgical value.

    I’m sorry you were unable to keep up with the flow of the sermon. It does not seem to be a common problem.


  3. FrMichael Says:

    Dear Jeff:

    Oh, I missed the exegetical nature of the class. Time to look at your original post.

    I followed your homily flow quite well: it was well put-together. My point was that the presentation touched on a number of points rather than one single big point approached different ways.

    Or perhaps my mind wandered a bit: also a possibility. 🙂

    God bless, FrMichael

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