Gen-Y and Relating to the Baby Boomers

October 17, 2007

I just read this article on Gen-Y from Newsweek entitled Narcissists in Neverland: a Day of Reconing for Gen-Yers by Emily Flynn Vencat.  I tried to post a comment on it but ran into technical problems so I thought, “why not post it on my blog?”  I haven’t talked much about our post-modern condition.

What an appalling piece this is; it has no journalistic integrity.

The author spends 8 paragraphs discussing the so-called “downside” of gen-y and 1 discussing an alternative viewpoint, then finally arrives in the conclusion with an apathetic position– one of “it really isn’t any better or worse.”  Clearly she does have a position and she has dedicated the majority of her article to it.

The disconnect between the modern age and the post-modern age is striking here.  The age of the hyper-individual self which has no care for the “other” is going out with the end of the modern age, and those firmly rooted in the past are having a hard time accepting it.  When you care more about personal financial success, climbing the corporate ladder, sacrificing your own self-worth so that you can make a buck or two even if it means giving up your authenticity as a human, we are left with an empty culture based in commercialism, greed, and corruption.

When we live into our authenticity, when we look not only for who we are called to be but intrinsically work towards something bigger– looking after the entire human family– those selfish goals of personal financial success are just not as important.  The old modern attempt to root it around something as inconsequential as parental support fails to see the connection to the bigger picture, the larger human family.  It is rooted in fear, not in hope.  Are there slackers in Gen-Y?  You bet.  But there are also those intrinsically looking for something different; a different truth than the rational and ultimately selfish certitude of modernity.

I am almost 40.  I have two children and I only hope that when they are grown they will be firmly rooted in humanitarian causes, that they will care as deeply and passionately about contributing to the world as some of the people profiled unfairly in this article.



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