From Bishop Marc Andrus, Diocese of California

September 21, 2007

Please take a moment to read the statement of Bishop Andrus to the House of Bishops and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I find it quite compelling and powerful.

I have nothing else to say that I haven’t already said in the days leading up to this; my comments on the false choice between Communion and Justice are already on the table in my previous posts here, here, and here.



5 Responses to “From Bishop Marc Andrus, Diocese of California”

  1. FrMichael Says:

    He’s right: it’s hard to imagine TEC in Northern California. Without LGBT and swindled Spanish-speaking Catholics who think they are in a Catholic church, there would be few people left.

    With Gene Robinson’s anti-African outburst, I think at long last TEC has jumped the shark.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Fr Michael, you always have an amazing ability to get it wrong, both on ++Gene’s comments and on ++Marc’s– and more importantly on TEC’s “jumping the shark.”

    Be that as it may, it is no surprise that with Roman Catholicism’s high view of hierarchy, power, and centralization, you would come to that conclusion.

    The shortest response is simple: We are not, and do not aspire to be, Roman Catholic.


  3. FrMichael Says:

    My second post disappeared.

    Try again:

    I basically agree with Marc Andrus: the presence of LGBT folks in his diocese is a huge part of his local church.

    As for Robinson, he feels “dehumanized” because his episcopal seat was being compared to the value to the Communion of tens of millions of Africans? A humble man in his situation, gay or straight, would have stepped down long ago for the good of the Communion. He decided otherwise.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Fr Michael –

    Again, that is a very catholic view.

    The “good of the communion” is not always doing “what makes everybody happiest.”

    That is the heart of the dilemma here.

    He is a very humble man. He believes that he is called by God to do what he is doing, but people like you– for whatever reason– are not willing to cede him that.

    Was the “good of the communion” to persecute Galileo when he introduced a new truth that was upsetting?

    Was the “good of the communion” worth backing off of women’s ordination when we introduced it 30 years ago and ensuring that in our context women are seen as equal to men?

    Was the “good of the communion” at the heart of the reformation, the very formation of our existence as an entity?

    No. The “good of the communion” as defined in utilitarian terms by making the most people the least angry is not Christian.


  5. FrMichael Says:


    I don’t have a dog in the fight in the sense that I don’t really care what happens to the AC. As far as I’m concerned, the formation of the Church of England was the work of Satan, so I’m not surprised that the evil contradictions of the mother church got passed along to her children.

    I monitor the TEC situation because, to me, you guys are the canary in the mineshaft. You are close enough sociologically to parts of the RCC in the US that you serve as a “preview of coming events” for us in some aspects, even though we have large theological and historical differences.

    So if you guys want to approve homosexuality, swinging, and polygamy (I’m projecting ahead a few years)– well, I won’t lose any sleep over it. But since your bishops don’t really have a teaching office as Catholic and Orthodox bishops do, it amazes me that their one remaining episcopal office– symbol of unity– was so violated by Robinson’s consecration. TEC knew that his consecration would cause worldwide outrage among your coreligionists and yet it was done anyway– and he gleefully has been rubbing it in ever since.

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