Much Anticipation

September 13, 2007

Those awaiting the “destruction of the Communion” look to next week’s House of Bishops meeting with baited breath.

It seems that there is still such a misunderstanding of what Communion is– a false teaching that community is something rigid, with stark and monolithic walls which must be vigorously protected.  There is such a loss of our calling to be fully human in that description.  We lose the capacity to relate.

Truth brings about assent, it brings about change without exerting compulsion.  (Jurgen Moltmann, The Trinity and the Kingdom)

I quoted that the other day.  Defining truth cannot be an exclusive force.  There is such a tendancy in some to see relationships as binary– if you are in then I am out.  Of course, the journey of faith is not straight, nor narrow.  There is room on the path for many– in fact for all.  There must be room on the path for all to discover truth without exerting it through compulsion.  Community– Communion– is porous.  It is not rigid.  It is a living thing, not something defined through doctrinal relationships held up to some kind of strict standard.  If it is not living and inclusive then it leaves out room for growth, or leaves out those who haven’t come at least as far as we have.  God leaves no one behind, and neither must we.

How much our modern society wants things defined very clearly.  How unfortunate that is.  A symptom of the desire for that clarity is this situation– an inability to live in the tension required to when we devote ourselves to following Christ.

Fortunately, God is at work in this world.  God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit– in God’s own diversity– the diversity of the trinity– the Trinitarian God moves us forward down that broad and long path in the Kingdom.  That is our hope, and that is our truth.  We choose to embrace it, or we choose to leave the path (where God patiently goes to retrieve us yet again).

I, for one, choose to embrace that truth, with God’s help.  I pray (hope, and believe) that our church will, too.



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