The Power of Love

August 22, 2007

From, a few thoughts on love:

Neighbors  God sends us out to share the good news of love that requires no quid pro quo. God sends us to love our neighbor (even the ones we know real well!) even if our neighbor does not love us. That is the only thing that distinguishes a Christian (or other people of faith and hope) from those who live without hope.

Anyone can love those who love them. It is when we walk our road with wolves attacking from time to time but come to the end of our road still trusting, still reaching out, still believing that people can be good and that even wolves can change.

from Who Are Your Heroes?
by the Rev. William A. Kolb

The Process of Love A deep belief in the power of love means that we must make a commitment to keep on giving even when we cannot see any immediate results. Love, after all, is not just an isolated act—it is a process that flows out of an attitude of optimism and hope.

So what do I do in those moments when I don’t feel like pouring my energy into loving acts? Keep on doing them! Have we not learned that love is not just a feeling but also an action?

from Staying in the Process of Love
by The Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey
The Presence of Love
We really cannot turn anyone away from the hospitality of our hearts, because that very one may be one of the disguised angels. When we are tempted to narrow our friendships, exclude those who are different from us, busy ourselves with no one but those who form our small network, then we risk missing the Divine Presence in our midst.

from Thinking of Angels:
Devotions by Reneé


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