Fight Breaks Out Over Controversial Gay Christian Art

August 20, 2007

From Planet Out News:

A melee broke out last week in Jonkoping, Sweden, after a group of fundamentalist Christian young people set a fire outside a celebrated photomural exhibit that portrays Jesus as gay.

Read the whole article here.

See the art here – my fave is the replica of DaVinci’s Last Supper.  There is nudity in one piece; viewers who are easily offended be warned and don’t click through!  I’m so glad that the Archbishop of Sweden allowed this collection to be displayed in their cathedral.  As the quote in the article says (from the American Art Historian Cherry) “So often it’s Christians versus gays, when in fact Jesus taught love toward everybody.”



3 Responses to “Fight Breaks Out Over Controversial Gay Christian Art”

  1. Ralf Edberg Says:

    To understand this incident one has to know that Jonkoping is in the most religious part of Sweden; Smaland. If the exhibit were in any other place, I would be surprised at the “melee”, but not when it happened in Jonkoping, who has a lot of Christian fundamentalists.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Sweden is one of my favorite countries – I love their tolerance, their social and caring ethos, and the beauty of their landscape. Good point that this isolated incident should not be used against the country in its entirety.


  3. FrMichael Says:

    Good for Pope John Paul! I forgot about that incident. Now having seen the photos, it’s clear that the smoke of Satan has taken over the Church of Sweden– if it already wasn’t there before.


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