Pics from Vacation

August 16, 2007


We’re still on vacation… and back in a few days.

Yellowstone is burning, thanks to extended drought conditions, perhaps due to climate change.

But in the late 80s, forestry management officials decided to stop attempting to put out fires in national forests that were naturally occurring (started by lightening, etc.).  They determined that naturally occurring fires are beneficial over the long-term to nature, as the fire helps to regenerate the forest.  In fact, some plants are only seen in the seasons right after a fire.

Just another example of “life after death,”  I guess.

Sustainability has been on my mind on this vacation, and it has been apparent that I can do more to conserve resources on this planet which is so quickly being depleted of so many things which future generations may never see.

More when I return in a few days…



One Response to “Pics from Vacation”

  1. Susan Says:

    Cute pix … safe travels!

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