Quote for the Day

August 6, 2007

From Practicing Resurrection, by Nora Gallagher, a quote from the English Composer Syndey Carter:

Do I have this experience or do I just imagine it?  Is it nothing but possibility, like a song that is asking to be written?

If that is all it is, that is good enough for me.  That, after all, is one kind of reality, perhaps the only kind of religious reality.  Song, God, a waving possibility:  you must trust it, travel with it- or it is not there.

Of course, God is there even if we are not present to her, for her, with her.  But that’s the mystery– that’s the trust– if we have to trust in order to find her, we only have that same trust to tell us that she’s there when we are searching and longing and suffering, too.



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