Support for GLBT Youth

July 24, 2007

From the Advocate.  Note that Steven Tomlinson, mentioned in the article, is a gay Episcopalian, as is Out Youth board member Dave Henton.

In May 2006, The Advocate ran an article announcing that Out Youth, an Austin-based community center for LGBT youths, had closed its doors due to financial constraints. Although the move was temporary, there was a degree of uncertainty about the center’s future. Now, more than a year later, Out Youth is experiencing newfound success with a little support from its friends and neighbors.


Given the organization’s recent success, there has been talk of establishing satellite centers around central Texas. “We have youth drive long distances to find us, take long trips by public transportation, or just e-mail from a distance,” says Lemoine. “Some don’t speak English. We are looking for ways to expand our reach, both geographically and across barriers of language, culture, and all the other differences that divide us.”

Of course, any further expansion will be contingent on securing additional funds from outside sources. But until then, the center’s leaders are content with its revived presence in Austin. “When the doors closed, we heard from the youth how important Out Youth was to them, and many of them continued to gather informally,” says Lemoine. “They’re the heart and soul of our organization and the inspiration for all the work we’ve done to rebuild Out Youth.”

Read the whole article here.

Visit OutYouth here.



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