Princeton Theology Professor Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage

July 23, 2007

I’m always a little leary of placing too much emphasis on the importance of the world of academics in the “real world” because many times academics are so removed from society and themselves they sometimes think their own opinions are more important than anyone else’s.

But I do think that sometimes they get it right- whether I agree with them or not- and in this case I happen to agree with this associate professor of systematic theology at Princeton.

Read the full article at More Light Presbyterian’s website or at the original source, Presbyterian Outlook.  While I have not read the full work, the summary seems to do an excellent job of framing six different theological positions generally found in the church.

I’ll have to read the book to see if he answers some of my questions– namely whether or not he articulates some of the next phase of the disagreements I see on the horizon about the differences between same-sex blessings and the sacrament of marriage.  The summary doesn’t adequately answer those questions.

But it is a good step forward, and it is nice to know that our brother and sister Christians in the Presbyterian church have some good leadership around this theology as we all work together in the Body of Christ to seek equality and justice for all of the baptized.



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