The Gospel of Inclusion

June 25, 2007

From CNN, a great piece about a fundamentalist preacher in Tulsa, OK, who undergoes a change of heart.

 Click here to watch.

It’s part of a series which is listed here.  Two Episcopal parishes (Trinity and Christ-the-King, Santa Barbara) are highlighed in this piece.



2 Responses to “The Gospel of Inclusion”

  1. Dave Says:


    For a more in-depth story on the transformation that Bishop Carlton Pearson went through, there’s a piece about him on “This American Life” (the public radio series). An amazing story, and an inspiring one for those of us who believe this kind of change is possible.

    Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful story.

    — Dave (All Saints Pasadena parishioner)

  2. Susan Says:

    You can also hear Bishop Pearson (along with a bunch of others of us) on Capitol Hill in April at an HRC press conference on Hate Crimes & Employment Discrimination.

    Great guy who really walks his talk!

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