Ft. Worth

June 2, 2007

Been in Ft. Worth for a few days for an Integrity board meeting– a very productive one I might add!

Check out the photos on Susan’s blog, and her sermon from the Eucharist we held also to commemorate the feast of Justin Martyr.  We are all getting ready for our journeys’ home now, and have our work cut out for us!

To join Integrity, click here.  To read more about it first, click here.



2 Responses to “Ft. Worth”

  1. Marvin Vann Says:

    I really enjoyed being at the Eurcharist on Friday, and the reception, afterward. It’s good to know that, between you and Barbi, Texas has some good representation on the Integrity board. My blog is on issues involving struggling for an inclusive church in Fort Worth. Would you consider listing it among your links, and allowing me to list yours at my blog? Thanks! -Marvin Vann

  2. Jeff Says:

    Thanks! The eucharist was a great experience, and I hope the first of many to come.

    You’re now listed on the blogroll, and feel free to do likewise.


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