Homily on the Empty Tomb

April 29, 2007

I had to write a homily recently for my Spanish class…  It took me a lot longer to translate it than it did to write it!


Gospel:  Mark 16:1-8

            Mark gives us a picture of some wonderful women in this passage, who come to the tomb despite concerns about being able to get in to do their job of anointing the body of Jesus.  “How will we get past the stone?” they ask.  Does it keep them home?  No.  They come anyway.  They are so bound and destined to see their beloved friend and teacher that they set out on the journey to take care of his body anyway.  They just do it.  Call it faith.  Call it stubborn.  Call it ignorance.  But they do it.

            They come anyway and they find something quite unexpected.  The Gospel of Mark is so interesting because the people around Jesus never quite fully understand what is going on.  The women arrive at the tomb, despite their reservations, and they find a surprise.  They get scared.  They aren’t quite sure what to do with the news they get-   this ‘Jesus’ friend of theirs whom they loved yet never quite understood is gone missing.  They flee in awe – the Greek translated as ‘fear’ is better translated as ‘reverence’ or ‘awe’ here- and tell nobody.

            But perhaps the most wonderful thing about Mark’s account of this gospel is that we, the audience, are invited into the story.  There is no prescribed ending; we must finish it ourselves.  Jesus is alive- he is in Galilee, and we may bump into him when we turn the next corner if we only have enough faith to believe it may be so. Read the rest of this entry »