On Ecumenism

April 24, 2007

This post, an address to the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement by the Rev. Canon Marilyn McCord Adams, was forwarded to Walking With Integrity yesterday.

It’s a wonderful address.  I want to address one issue which it touches on briefly:

Ecumenists believe that institutional tightening and clarity are required to get the Roman Catholic Church and the orthodox to take the Anglican communion seriously as a conversation partner. Their question is perceived to be, is there enough/anything to the Anglican communion to negotiate with?

I agree with her and I find it troubling.  I have heard and read accounts of ecumenism as being about trying to restore the “true unity” of the church that we have lost through our own sinfulness, or similar accounts.

That may be one way to characterize ecumenism.  But it needs clarification.  What does “unity” mean?  It does not necessarily mean that we need return to the days of uniform polity, uniform authority, uniform doctrine, nor uniform practice in worship. Read the rest of this entry »