I’ve been writing in this week and last on God, who did not cause the crucifixion but responded to it with new life– doing what God always does in the face of death, destruction and sin.  The God of abundance, the God who cannot be defeated, the God who loves us even when we cannot love each other or ourselves, the source of light even in the darkest hour, is what the whole narrative of our faith is about.

The Tradition has focused too often on judgment.  There are some texts about judgment, it is true.  But the predominant stories are of hope, of restoration, of hope of restoration, of creation, and of life from death, of light from shadow, and of triumph in the face of darkness.  Biblical scholarship many times can explain the judgmental texts– some of which I have even heard characterized as “texts of terror”– by authorship, locality, cultural situation, and other factors “behind the text” that inform the text to help us enlighten the text, usually putting us back in the place where God is right back where I started– with God as an abundant giver of life. Read the rest of this entry »