Hate Crime Legislation

April 12, 2007

If you haven’t already, please make sure to write your legislator about the pending legislation on Hate Crimes.

You can find the Human Rights Campaigns Action center on the issue here.

This is critical legislation to ensure that all God’s children are treated fairly and compassionately!  Please take action.



2 Responses to “Hate Crime Legislation”

  1. Are you actually promoting this legislation?…and claiming to be a Christian? Do you not realize that already it is politically incorrect to condemn homosexuality even though the Bible does NOT even waver on this issue? Before you know it, Christians will be considered a “terrorist” group, and separation of church and state will finally be history. Why do you people insist on forcing us to accept what you are? As Christians, we are taught to love everyone….but also, we are taught the difference between right and wrong and homosexuality is WRONG. We are not required to love your acts or accept your behavior when it so obviously goes against God’s Word. We live by one legislation only…and that is the Holy Word of God. It is time that we, as Christians, demand the right to speak publicly or privately (just like everyone else) about what we believe. Lastly, I will pray for you…and hope that you will find truth before His wrath is unleashed as it was in Sodom.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Gwen –

    I am completely promoting this legislation.

    It sounds like you believe you have the ability to pronounce judgment on who is and who is not a Christian.

    I don’t believe I have that right, but I do believe I can safely say that we are not the same kind of Christians.

    Homosexuality is not wrong. I find the way you portray your thinking style to be problematic.

    If you live by God’s legislation and that legislation is Holy Scripture, than I suppose you will just have to come and stone me since that is what the Bible says to do to people like me.

    I hope you will agree that is not a suitable answer, and that proves the point that we cannot look to the Bible blindly. It has to be read and studied, analyzed deeply. I love the Bible just as deeply as you must.

    I am sorry you feel so victimized by society. I am a Christian and I certainly do not feel as if I am on the verge of being considered a terrorist by society. I am completely pro-separation of church and state. If I wasn’t, then both you and I would lose our ability to make decisions about what the Bible says for ourselves.

    Do you really want the President to decide what the Bible says? We’ve seen the effects of that kind of Christianity before in the middle ages. It wasn’t pretty.

    No, I’ll take freedom of religion.


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