Good Friday

April 6, 2007

Sin is real.

I used to have a definition of sin as “that which separates us from God.”

I have modified that to be “that which separates us from God and each other.”

I have realized that in our dialogue on atonement over the past few years, sin may have been watered down.  That is unfortunate.

I think it is particularly important for me to recognize that on this day.

It is also important for me to recognize what that does on this day.

As Ed Bacon+ says in this sermon much better than my attempt yesterday:

“If we can get it right that Jesus didn’t die for our sins but because of our sins, and if we can shake our denial of death and go on a journey that gets us in touch with our mortality just as God in Christ joined us in our mortality then perhaps instead of a violent and oppressive cross at the forefront of Christian identity perhaps we can move compassion to the forefront of Christian identity.”

Thanks to this piece by Susan Russell+, which highlights several other useful pieces.


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