Thought for Holy Week

April 3, 2007

In meditation yesterday, it struck me (Susan Russell always says to keep on “Epiph-ing” into Lent– maybe that’s what I did):

I was created to be loved by Jesus.

We all were.

That’s a pretty amazing thought, after reflecting on it for a while:  that we were created in order to be loved.

My thoughts immediately turned to my children.  Why did I have my children?  I wanted them so that I could love them.

Maybe it is just the place where I am right now, but I think that it is astounding that I also was created to be loved.

It makes the events of this Holy Week more powerful, somehow, for me, looking at them in this context.  It draws me into that love so that I can better love God and neighbor myself.  It makes my container bigger– my capacity for loving is widened by the love that is freely given to me- all I have to do is trust that power.  I don’t have to find the strength myself to broaden my own capacity but rather submit that my own wishes and desires, my own judgments and presuppositions, can be turned over in that trust.

And that’s a very hopeful thing. 



2 Responses to “Thought for Holy Week”

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Jeff. I’ve been in deep thought about Christ’s love and such during this most holy of weeks as well.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Thanks Mervin!

    See you Sunday!


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