Thought for the Day

March 7, 2007

Quote from William Sloane Coffin:

“A feminist is basically someone who refuses to be a masochist.”

So then, we as GLBT advocates are the same: those who refuse to be masochistic.

That can be perceived as being self-centered.

Rather, for me, it is a world-view which sees difference as the norm– a value not on conformity but on diversity, and using our identity as a way to move that conversation forward so that others without strength for the journey can participate more readily.

I think that is the narrative of the journey of the Christian faith.

Another couple of Coffin quotes:

“Diversity may be the hardest thing to live with and the most dangerous thing to live without.”

“Trent Lott, Gary Bauer, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell– all insist their words contribute nothing to an atmosphere that might legitimate anti-gay violence.  Don’t they know that the seed of disrespect often blossoms into hatred and violence?”

The same is so true of the Archbishop of Canterbury and so many others who try to insist on contradicotry “love the sinner, hate the sin” theology.

A final thought, from Coffin again:

“Prejudice disfigures the observer, not the person observed.  If only the latter could remember it.”



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