The Executive Council

March 5, 2007

I’m in the middle of “hell week” in seminary– the week before Spring Break when a billion papers, tests, and assignments are due.

So I don’t have time to write a lot of stuff on the Executive Council’s response to the Primates.

I’ll just refer you to Susan Russell+, my good friend and Integrity’s president, who has done a great job of working for justice for GLBT people in this church and has also posted this great summary and this great sermon which pretty much say it all, in addition to this commentary on how we are pawns in somebody else’s game.



7 Responses to “The Executive Council”

  1. John 2007 Says:

    Here’s something perfect from a clear-thinking ABC, Jeff:

    There was no questioning at our meeting of the fact that the 1998 Lambeth Resolution 1.10 remains the standard of teaching on matters of sexual morality for the Communion. The Windsor Report requested certain assurances from The Episcopal Church with respect to the authorisation of Rites of Blessing for same-sex unions and the admittance of a candidate living in a sexual relationship outside marriage. It was our discernment at the meeting in Dar es Salaam that those assurances had not been as clearly given in the deliberations of General Convention as they might have been, and therefore we have asked the House of Bishops to clarify the response of The Episcopal Church in their two meetings in March and September this year. To address these requests to the American House of Bishops is not to ignore the polity of The Episcopal Church, but to acknowledge that the bishops have a key role, acknowledged in the Constitution of that church, in authorising liturgies within their dioceses and in giving consent to the election of candidates for episcopal order. A clear response on these questions is also needed in the near future: we cannot wait for another General Convention for further clarification. A readiness by the leadership of The Episcopal Church to live by that same formal standard of teaching on these matters which applies elsewhere in the Communion is perhaps the first and most important step in the way forward.

  2. Susan Says:

    So how is insisting that they “cannot wait” until our next General Convention anything other than ignoring our polity?

    (Not to mention thanks-but-no-thanks for a Pastoral Letter without one breath of pastoral care for the gay and lesbian baptized.)

  3. Jeff Says:

    Exactly. And since when did 1998 Lambeth 1.10 trump 1998 Lambeth 2.2, which states that Lambeth is a “consultative body.” Nowhere does it state that Lambeth is an “authoritative body” with the ability to issue doctrine or proscriptive pronouncements on the standards of teaching in the Anglican Communion.

    I suspect that our Bishops will not take kindly to such a breach of the bonds of affection when we have not once insisted that anyone else in the Communion teach any certain way, nor would we ever do such a thing.


  4. John 2007 Says:

    Psalm 2, is it? ‘Why do the heathen rage?’

  5. Jeff Says:

    Not at all.

    I am very calm about the fact that the Episcopal Church will do the right thing and God will have God’s way, despite the Primates.

    God also has a way of finding “both/and” solutions that we often fail to see while we are in the here and now, stuck in our own narrow perspectives.


  6. Mark Says:

    Psalm 2, is it? ‘Why do the heathen rage?’

    Dunno. Why don’t you go to CANA and Abuja and ask them why they rage so.

  7. Mark Says:

    Oh, and, if you’re talking about the primates and your “clear-thinking” ABC, Psalm 58 is more appropriate:

    Do you indeed decree righteousness, you rulers?
    do you judge the peoples with equity?
    No; you devise evil in your hearts,
    and your hands deal out violence in the land.

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