Some Positive Responses to our Negative Situation

February 22, 2007

A sampling of responses that may bring some hope to us as we reflect on recent happenings.  Note that more can be found on Integrity’s new blog, Walking With Integrity

I already posted the response from the Bishop of California, but here it is again.  An excerpt:

Gay and lesbian people who come to the Church seeking the blessing of the Church for their unions are people seeking to lead holy lives, exactly like heterosexual couples. The Church must respond to gay and lesbian people seeking the blessing of counseling, community support, prayer, and sacrament in the same way it does to heterosexual couples.

Here is the response from the Dean and President of the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge.  Here is an excerpt:

Enough is enough. It is time to make our intentions clear, come what may. I pray that you will help EDS carry that message to every corner of the Church, in humility and with an open mind, but carry it with a resolve that will not bend under pressure or falter under threats. This church is either truly open to all, or it is closed to the Spirit. We either stand for what we know is just and embrace our GLBT members, or we stand aside as justice is denied. There is no easy way out of this choice. There is only a gospel way forward. This school intends to walk forward and we are prepared for the fact that many may not want to walk with us. If the Anglican Communion must separate over this fundamental issue of human rights, then so be it. To everything there is a season. Perhaps this is the season for the growth of the gospel in truth and in love in ways that we could never have imagined.

And finally, and most meaningful to me, is the response from the rector of my parish– Ed Bacon in All Saints Pasadena.

Bacon said, “As rector, I will reject all Episcopal invitations to “fast” from doing the justice work of embodying God’s inclusive love. The fast to which Lent calls us is to foreswear acts of interpersonal and institutional bigotry and discrimination with which this communiqué is dripping.”



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