Lenten Thoughts

February 22, 2007

I posted yesterday on my Ash Wednesday thoughts.

The theme of my Lent will be “Be still and know that I am God.”

This comes from Psalm 46.  I commend it to you for reflection.

As I try to draw strength from my eternal Saviour in these days, a few thoughts from my more intense days of discernment at All Saints Pasadena under the tutilege of a wonderful priest named Zelda Kennedy have returned to me.

This may not be a path of spiritual awareness for everyone, but it is the path which calls my name; especially in these days of metanoia; of turning back to God.

There is not much I can control, but I can submit.

My primary role is not to speak, but to listen.

I am not the source of change, but the instrument.

As an instrument, I must pay heed to the skilled stroke of my master’s hand, hoping only that I may give the results he desires and knowing that he will not push me beyond the limits of my abilities.

I am the clay in the hands of a master potter; my shape will be as beautiful as my ability to allow myself to be molded by her will.

For these things to happen, trust is required.

I must trust in the Lord my God.

I can not submit if I do not trust; if I do not fully surrender.

I can not hear if I do not trust that there is something worthy of listening.

I can not be the instrument nor the clay if I am afraid of the shape or the method of the results that will follow.

Trust is required.

“Be still and know that I am God.”



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