On a more positive note (sort of)

February 20, 2007


I received an email from Soulforce today, describing some actions they are taking to hold Christian leaders accountable when their ethics do not conform to Christian standards.

From their news release:

“At approximately 1:30 p.m. on February 19, 2007, Dotti Berry and Robynne Sapp of Blaine, Wash., were arrested and removed from Focus on the Family headquarters in police custody. The couple entered the building earlier in the day and refused to leave until the organization’s founder, James Dobson, takes a step toward reconciliation with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities by ceasing his misleading statements about research on lesbian and gay parents.

“They have been charged with trespassing and have not yet been released.

“‘I am here today because I believed Dr. Dobson’s teachings for many years, and it almost led to my suicide. My healing came from my acceptance of myself and my acceptance that God loves me exactly as I am,’ said Sapp. Sapp and Berry have toured Focus on the Family twice before to dialogue with visitors and staff about LGBT individuals and families.”

Yet another example of the direct relationship between Christian exclusion and violence– no matter how unintentional– that results from that exclusion.

If the church does not preach to us, who already have a difficult emotional and pschological struggle to claim our identity, as we claim our spiritual identity, then we suffer harm that is not easily overcome.

It is incumbent upon the church to deliver us the message that Robynne Sapp found outside of Dr. Dobson’s teachings:  that God loves her as she was created– in God’s image.



5 Responses to “On a more positive note (sort of)”

  1. Video footage of Dotti Berry’s and Robynne Sapp’s “Sit-In” yesterday in Colorado Springs…


    Christopher Hubble
    “Focus on the Facts” Campaign Organizer

  2. Catherine+ Says:

    God bless Dottie and Robynne for their courage and faith. I will lift them up to Jesus because He loves them, and He does so because He made them Himself. They are so beautiful; their commitment to God and one another is so very evident. God is beside them in their wrongful incarceration.

  3. John Says:

    Well, they should not have trespassed but they can be commended for trying to dialogue with Dobson. Like everyone else who battles for their understanding to take root in the public square, these two have to put out their ideas, hopefully without breaking laws (even if a minor one).

  4. Jeff Says:

    Just a reminder that Martin Luther King broke minor laws in his non-violent movement.

    That was, in fact, the point. To show resistance without violence. In this case, the violence done to these women was very personal. They resisted in a very public way.

    I personally find it very fitting and appropriate.


  5. Jeff Says:

    Thanks, Christopher.


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