Litany for Labor Day Workers

September 4, 2006

God, you stand with the poor and disenfranchised, and for justice among peoples. Please show us how to do the same.

God, hear our prayer.

As people of faith, we are dismayed by a system that threatens workers with replacement, shatters their hope of dignity and respect, and denies their benefits, health care and pensions. Have mercy upon us for our complicity in this sin.

God, hear our prayer.

Shatter our complacency; give us a sense of holy outrage about this cruel and blasphemous abuse of your creation and your will.

God, hear our prayer.

Don’t let us be deadened to the need of difficult changes, or casually bury dissent under indifference, or turn our backs on our sisters and brothers and thus on you.

God, hear our prayer.

God, we confess that we live in the richest country on Earth where CEOs receive 419 times the wages paid to their workers, and the bottom 60 percent of Americans share slightly more than six percent of the nation’s wealth. Forgive us for failing to follow Catholic Social Teaching, which emphasizes equitable distribution of creation’s goods.

God, hear our prayer.

God, teach us to share dignity and respect with others.

God, hear our prayer.

God, guide us to share a living wage and a decent life with others.

God, hear our prayer.

Bless us, God, to come together for the common good, and serve you with honesty, courage, and singleness of heart.

God, hear our prayer.

Prepared by Malcolm Boyd, Diocese of Los Angeles, for a service for LAX workers, May, 1999.


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