A Quick Note on Subject Matter

August 24, 2006

As a tenured almost week-long seminarian now, it’s become clear to me that writing much about my seminary life isn’t going to work in this forum because our seminary is so close-knit and doing so might be seen as an invasion of that inner-seminary life.

So I’m going to have to get creative about my content, since I imagine over the next three years most of my inspiration will likely come from my life experience as a seminarian…  I have one such topic in mind at the moment but the kids aren’t awake yet and I’ve got 30 minutes to get them up, dressed, fed and off to school, so it’ll have to wait!!



2 Responses to “A Quick Note on Subject Matter”

  1. 4mrwrdn Says:

    “Pomomusings” has provided over the years a great glimpse behind the seminary curtain, and I’ve enjoyed that blog for some time now:


    Here’s hoping that you can carry on in that tradition without being too invasive.

    My best to your family!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Thanks, 4mrwrdn!

    From what I gather, I would be a really poor seminarian if I go through seminary without seminary having any impact on my posts!

    I’m just meaning that my posts will have to have a sort of “filter” applied to them in a way they haven’t previously, because I anticipate that I will be interacting with more people- both faculty, staff, students, and parishioners from the Diocese of Texas- with whom my positions may not be as closely aligned as they were in California.

    My point is that I like these people.  I had expected to have more disagreements then I have so far with them, but whether or not that proves to last if I am critical at all even on an intellectual basis I would not want to give anyone the impression that I’m making any judgements about them here in this very public forum. I’d rather save those disucssions to hold with them directly over a cup of coffee in the seminary student lounge, or whatever.  I’ve noted that on the blog you’ve referenced the student has said which professors are good, bad, and so forth- we are a very small seminary and I imagine I’ll tell the professors I disagree with directly that I think they suck!  I wouldn’t want to do that here- I think that indirect criticism has lead to problems in a lot of our church; thus the good idea of getting all sides together to directly discuss the issues facing us next month in one place (although I’m not sure what the office of the Anglican Communion has to do with it other than perhaps as facilitator).

    I am sure, however, that much of my experience will still make its way here, and I hope that I will be able to keep up with the demanding challenge of blogging during the much more demanding challenge of being a full-time seminarian, a part-time employee, and a full-time dad!


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