Why isn’t there a “rainbow color”?

August 22, 2006

My son, who recently started 1st grade, was assigned the “red group”.  That means that all his activities are pretty much segregated for simplicity’s sake to this group of kids assigned to the color red, including eating in the cafeteria.

We were talking about eating lunch last night, and he said, “I don’t know why there can’t be a rainbow color.  Then I could eat with all the people.”

I thought that was pretty profound.

The gay flag, of course, is a rainbow flag meant to symbolize the diversity of the gay community.  Since moving to Austin I have been very acutely aware of racial/ethnic differences in our society and how we, in the name of “political correctness” seem to ignore them despite the very deep impact they still have on our society.  The non-ethnic divides certainly exist too- as our current “Anglican crisis” shows us.

I started seminary yesterday – new student orientation, anyway.  One of the things that struck me was how different the students were from what I expected.  I’m really looking forward to going through these next three years with these folks.  There was a lack of ethnic diversity, which didn’t surprise me, but a really broad spectrum of life experiences.  The church and the way she operates in this part of the country is just very, very different than what I am used to back in California.  It will be interesting to watch as we all go through our formation together and see how we change; how we either split into “red, blue and green” groups or into a “rainbow” group.  Let’s hope that we elect to go for the latter, even while our mother church appears to be opting for the former.

I guess I like sitting with all the people at lunch, too.



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