August 18, 2006

The Daily OfficeThe Daily Office is in Job now.

I’ve got mixed feelings about Job.  I like the representation of Job as the human who has enough trust and faith in God to wait and endure because he knows that God is just and will not curse God.

I don’t like the portrayal of God in Job.  I usually just write it off as a kind of a fable meant to teach a lesson about how we should respond to the unknown actions of God rather than a lesson meant to teach specifically the nature of God.

What the reading made me think of today was just that.  How Job suffered and suffered, and eventually was justified in waiting for justice.

That’s a great story for liberation theology, since we’ve been on that topic for a few days.  The oppressed, or anyone in any kind of suffering, can take heart in that story (although again I find it a little traumatic to think of God as allowing or gambling away our peace of mind and health in a cosmic bet with Satan, but ignoring it again focusing on Job’s response…).

If we all were to have Job’s “patience” (is he really that patient?) then I wonder what the world would look like.  If we all waited, demanding justice for the ills of the world rather than submitting to the circumstances around us- not in an “entitlement” sort of way, but a real peace and justice sort of way- what would the world look like?  Not a new question, but one worth thinking about every once in a while.

B033, the resolution that caused so much sorrow in our church, is still causing sorrow.  It didn’t wear off.  We’re still demanding justice.  I suppose from the orthodox perspective, they believe they are demanding their perspective of justice too.  So maybe all is as it is suppose to be.

So I’ll try and be patient, and wait and see where God is taking us.  Job sure had a lot more patience than me; it is so easy to want to force fit my answer in the place of God’s.  Especially if you think God is prone to gambling.



3 Responses to “Job”

  1. I am in Judges, are u using the revised common lectionary?

  2. Jeff Says:

    Nope, I’m just screwed up as usual. I somehow skipped up a week somewhere and I’m on Proper 15 instead of Proper 14…

    Oh well, hold the thought for next week!!


  3. LOL, well at least now I have reason to belive, that in fact I am not crazy… 😉

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