The Anglican Debate

July 26, 2006

I found this cartoon on and I liked it:

The Anglican Debate

I’m not sure that I think that’s where we are anymore– but I hope so.  Mostly what I seem to hear is people saying come over to my side, and I’m not moving no matter how good your coffee is.

And maybe what I actually think should be happening is not moving to one side or the other but something more like staying where we are but finding the overlapping ground– something like two circles that overlap (I’m not a cartoonist, so I won’t try to draw it).

Then we could focus on that which we have in common, and agree to disagree on that which doesn’t.  I hardly believe that any two of us agree on everything– even with our own “sides.”  We’ve chosen to somehow deal with that on other issues.  We’ve got to figure how to deal with that on everything else that doesn’t fall within the overlapping area of the circles- at least in my view.



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