Heatwaves, Electricity, and How Cold I Am

July 26, 2006

ElectricityNow this has to be quick because I normally don’t blog during work hours, but this struck me as really odd.

I’m in LA this week, in my last few weeks working in the corporate world before starting seminary.  As most of you probably know, California has been suffering a tremendous heatwave the last few weeks, and electricity is a real problem.  Everyone is being asked to “Flex their power” or some other catchy slogan like that which means conserve energy.  Rolling blackouts are expected, and deaths are reported every day due to lack of power and the ensuing heat related illnesses that result.  People are asked to set their thermostats on at the least 78 degrees, and if they can stand it 80 or 82.

Now I’m sitting in my office right now, and my thermometer reads 68 degrees.  I have occassion in my job to go to several different buildings, and since I’m traveling I also have been going to different restaurants and hotels.  These very large buildings, which take a tremendous amount of power to cool, are always really cold.  I don’t know if they are 68 degrees like my office, but they are cold.

Now why is it that we are supposed to be “good citizens” at home and conserve, but somehow in the workplace or places of entertainment we are somehow exempt from conservation?  I mean, come on– people are walking around in here with sweaters on, its over 100 degrees outside, and people are dying because there isn’t enough electricity.

Does that seem odd to anybody besides me?



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