Betty Butterfield on being Episcopalian

July 23, 2006

OK – the traditional/orthodox folks might not like this, but I really enjoyed it…

If it isn’t your style, just remember that God gave us a sense of humor and we are supposed to use it!!  If your style isn’t the same as mine, that’s ok, just use the stop button on your browser and find something that you find amusing!!

I guess Betty’s got one on lots of the denominations in various states of loving irreverance…

Presbyterians, Methodists, UCC, Jehovah’s Witness and the MCC, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Bhuddism, and Mormons.

UPDATE (7/24/06) – Apparently the video on You Tube has been removed (some of the other videos remain.  I don’t have time to look for an alternate source of the copy, but when I did I found out that the performer has had some controversial performances, so I’ve decided not to pursue it any further.  Sorry!


2 Responses to “Betty Butterfield on being Episcopalian”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    That video is a complete hoot! Thanks for posting the link info.

  2. Ann Says:

    It is still there.

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