Austin at last

July 13, 2006

New House.jpgI don’t have a whole lot to say this morning (for once)…

I made it through the long trek across the desert without incident, closed on the new house yesterday, and now am sitting here as some of the needed repairs are done.  The new air conditioner is being installed, and load 1 of my 2 loads of moving vans have arrived.

I had forgotten how green Texas is in the summer.  California, being pretty much a desert without human intervention, just isn’t this green.  And, right now anyway, it’s not even that hot.  Except for when I’m crawling around in my attic trying to clear all the old junk out so that the new insulation can be blown in…

We had Tex-Mex last night with my parents- arguably Tex-Mex is the thing I have missed most about Texas.  There is no better tasting bad, greasy, cheesy, and fattening food for you than good Tex-Mex.  Unfortunately a lot of places in Austin are starting to go for serving interior Mexican food, but I’ll stick with Tex-Mex…

Then the kids and I went for ice cream and rented some movies before heading back home to sleep on a mattress on the floor.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any furniture on the first vanload- only mattresses and boxes… So we’ll be living either at my parent’s house or on the floor for a while.

All this to say I’m still not quite back into a routine yet, and hope to get back to some sense of “normality” soon, but it’s not today!



2 Responses to “Austin at last”

  1. Susan Russell Says:

    YAY! Thanks for the picture of the house … glad you all arrived safe and sound and will be looking forward to updates-from-the-front … we miss you desperately!

  2. Jim Says:

    Eat some good brisket, take a nice run on Town Lake. I do miss Austin so!

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