The Joy of Jumpers

June 24, 2006

I was working late, late into the night (ok, early into the morning- about 4:00am) on a new project in response to the GC.  I've heard everyone loud and clear that there is a lot of hurt, sadness, anger, and grief over the actions of the GC.  I talked to Susan and Louise yesterday and agreed on a way to try and constructively direct that energy towards a positive output.  More on that later – hopefully we'll roll it out tomorrow.  The point is, I'm damn tired.

I got up this morning at 6:30.  Don't you just hate it when you went to bed late and then you wake up at the "normal" time?  It was really hard to go back to sleep.  I did manage it, though, and I woke up to the sound of my six-year-old son taking a shower, with great initiative, by himself, before anyone else was awake around 8:00 or so.  Thinking about how wonderful it must be to be six again, I was trying to go back to sleep when the doorbell rang.  Crap.  This is the day of my big party-a-thon.  We've got a going away party for the kids at 3:00 for two hours, followed by a "grown-up" party for my friends and some of their kids at 7:00.  The doorbell was the bouncer for the kids arriving… at 8:00 in the morning, of course.  Wearing only my underwear, I ran downstairs putting on clothes one step at a time, wondering if they would leave my jumper without payment since they only take cash and I had none.

"It was a late night," I told them.  "I don't have any cash."

 "Aaaah.  I see."  Well, not that kind of late night.  "No problem."  Whew.

The kids and I went out back, and watched them assemble the jumber with great fanfare.  "Look, it's spider-man!" exclaimed Kacy, my four-year-old.  Brian, my 6-year-old, had already eaten breakfast–something that confused me in my four hour sleep-stupor, because when I got downstairs and saw the milk sitting out on the table I thought- "How did I leave this milk out last night?" and my immediate thought was about how I ruined the milk I had just bought yesterday.

Ah, the fruits of domestic life.

Once the jumper people left, the kids started playing, and I went about my normal morning routine- morning prayer, coffee, and waking up.  Eventually Kacy interrupted my prayer and wanted me to watch her jump.  A little irritated that my routine was being interrupted, I complied.  I went outside.  I was glad I did.  I finished my prayer outside.  And it was a prayer of joy.

Watching those kids jump in that jumper- they were full of joy.  How much more fun can you have at 4 or 6 then jumping?  Note to self:  try jumping later to see if it really is that much fun.  Their eyes started to sparkle, the laughter erupted spontaneously, the smiles were uncontrollable, and it was– well, it was just pure joy.  The joy of being a child, of having so much fun from… jumping.

So today is about jumping.  It is about saying goodbye to old friends.  It is about looking to the future and getting ready for a new adventure.  I'll check in to the blogs to keep them up and running from time to time, but I'm not posting today.

And I'm definitely not talking about GC!


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