At least the nausea is gone…

June 22, 2006

You know, I've been thinking as this day has progressed that maybe this is about expectations, as I have been truly flabergasted by the response to yesterday- and to the criticism I've received from my unwillingness to get miffed, hurt, dejected, or whatever, like everybody else.

I had low expectations for this convention.

Maybe everybody else thought that we would get everything we asked for these past two weeks.

I'm in business.  I guess I've just been through too many negotiations– I'm just too pragmatic– to believe that things turn out in an "all or none" scenario.

I never expected that, so I wasn't surprised when we didn't "get it all."

My expectations were surpassed – we got more than I expected.

It appears lots of other people's expectations didn't even come close.  I get that.  That hurts.

And what I have also learned from it is that I have to allow my cheery optimism- my hope for the future- to be restrained in the wake of the grief of others.

When I'm out running my own parish, I have made a mental note that there is a time for all things- and it isn't appropriate to start rallying the troops again right after the storm.  They need time to recover.  And I get that now.  I think in seminary they call this "formation for ministry"…

Would that I had gotten it yesterday, before you guys had ripped me a new one.  Jees.


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