Grow in Understanding

June 7, 2006

From the 75th General Convention's Octave of Prayer, in preparation for Convention and in living together in the world.  I found this particularly meaningful and relevant.

From the very first moment of our lives we find ourselves dealing with the complex question of understanding the mystery of our existence. As adults, it would seem that children are not concerned with this problem since we see them running, jumping and playing all the time as if life were for them only just a game. And yet, children, perhaps more than anybody else want to grow in understanding, which is why we are constantly bombarded with questions about the meanings of things.

In Spanish, the term “entender” (understand) comes from two Latin words intus legere that imply the possibility that we fully understand the true depth of the meaning of things. In the course of our lives we might have attended the best universities of the world, perhaps we have accumulated several degrees, we might have read thousands of books, and yet our thirst for deciphering the mystery of life still is not quenched.

Read it all.


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