Feathers and Bananna Peels

May 29, 2006

You may have to be a parent to appreciate this post, so just a warning.  I woke up on this Memorial Day morning with my four year old daughter in bed next to me, and she had found a tiny little feather (maybe out of a pillow or something).  She was holding this feather, and just examining it and looking at it closely and scrupulously, as only a four year old can.  Then, slowly, she pulled it close to her mouth, and holding it tight, she blew it to see how the feathers would react.  She looked at it again, then she blew it again.  Over and over again she blew the little feather.  How great to be four years old.  Everything is new.  Everything is exciting.  Nothing is impossible- it is all just one big experiment.

Now, as I sit with my kids at the table next to me eating their breakfast (my son with his Frosted Flakes and my daughter with her Lucky Charms), my daughter is waving her spoon over her bananna peel saying "spoon spoon can make it into a witch" while my son is asking me about werewolves.  We watched Harry Potter last night.  Go figure.

I'm not sure where I'm going with all this, other than to say that its really great to be alive.  I'm not sure what else really matters.  Its important to make sure these kids grow up in an evironment where they learn how great it is to be alive.  Its important to be out in the world, participating in it, blowing the feathers, seeing what happens.  Theology?  God is with us.  God loves us.  If God is like a parent, and feels as I do as a parent in this moment, God wants nothing more than for his children to move forward- to blow the feathers.  To see what happens.

 I say this as now my kids are hitting the cereal boxes with the bananna peels.  God probably does want us to blow the feathers without making too big a mess in the kitchen, as I'm hoping right now that all the cereal doesn't end up on the floor.

Some say that there is no love without judgement.  I think that there is no love without teaching.  Without trying to get my children to learn and grow.  Justice comes over time– that's for another post.  But as I watch my daughter tear her bananna peel into shreds, and as my son dips them in her cereal milk against her wishes, I think love is about this.  About being together.  About living, crying, loving, fighting, learning, and growing together.


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