Convergence, Part II – The Festival of Booths

May 20, 2006

Original Post Date:  5/20/2006

Today's daily office Old Testament reading is from Leviticus.  My favorite.  Not.

What I found interesting, though, was that it was discussing the timelines for all the festivals.  The festival of booths was what really got my eye.  Why?  Glad you asked.

I have always equated my journey through discernment to Moses' call and the ensuing journey through the wilderness.  Not to get all high drama and tear-jerky, but I had some rough years and God pulled me through them, I believe to get my attention and say, "Look, you got to follow this pillar of fire of mine or you gonna get lost out here.  You follow, you get milk and honey.  You don't, you can wonder around out here in the wilderness.  You make the call."

So I decided to completely surrender to God, making all major life decisions only after a thoughtful, careful, prayerful discernment process, trying to make sure that I was trying to see where God was trying to take me.

And now I'm getting ready to leave for seminary.  I always said I wanted to be in Texas (I'm going to ETSS in Austin) by July 15, my birthday.  I have an offer on the house that closes on July 6.

What's all this got to do with the festival of the booths?  Well, today's daily office reminds us of all the dates for the festivals.  Now, before I start don't rain on my parade and tell me about the calendar differences of 4000 years ago and today.  I know the real festival of the booths is supposed to be with the fall harvest.  Just let me have my moment.

The first date which struck me is the day of complete rest in preparation for the festival.  It comes on the first day of the seventh month:  a holy convocation commemorated with trumpet blasts.  We ain't s'posed to work on that day.

The next one is the festival itself.  It starts on the 15th day of the seventh month.  For seven days we s'pose to go stay in booths having a festival with the fruit and produce of the wonderful land of the milk and honey we livin in and rememberin' that our ancestors had to live in booths for 40 years to get us here.

Well, on about the first day of this seventh month I ain't gonna be workin.  I'm gonna be movin.  And on the 15th day, my birthday, and my original target date for my move, and my arrival in the "promised land of the seminary",  I might not be living in a booth, but I'll be living out of boxes, I'll tell you that much right now.  And the whole time, I'll be remembering how grateful I am that I had that pillar of fire to follow through these last few years to get me to where I have come.  Finally reaching the land of milk and honey.  The promised land.  And it'll be wonderful.

We all have a choice to follow the pillar of fire, or the soft still voice, or the sunrise moment, or whatever.  It yields great results.  I hope you find that place.  Sometimes you have to look for it.  Many times it comes looking for you.  Happy travels!


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