More on Patience

May 8, 2006

Original Post Date:  5/8/2006

Today's daily office from the Old Testament is the story of Aaron and the golden calf.  Moses and Joshua are up on the mountain too long and Aaron and the Israelites get tired of waiting because God isn't done with Moses and doesn't send them back when Aaron would like, so Aaron gets scared and creates a false god to worship and brings the rest of the people with him.  Never mind that God had, over and over again, provided for the people- delivering them from Pharoah out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, feeding them with Mannah and meat, giving them water.  Everytime they needed something, God delivered.  But Aaron, the high priest, got impatient and built himself a big 'ol cow.

It sort of reminds me of my journey over the last few months and weeks.  I've been worried about getting admitted to seminary, finding a house in Austin, selling my home in California, getting my kids enrolled in school, and a million other details involved in moving.  But then I read a story like this and remember that in the fulness of time God will take care of it all.  I didn't get called to service only to get dumped alone in the wilderness because of a real estate problem.  And I haven't even listed my house yet!

And so it is with the rest of the church.  We have bishops insisting that they need to move forward.  Not wanting to wait for the fulness of time to let God do what God does best- heal, reveal, and reconcile.  They want to build a big 'ol gold cow around doctrine.  That sounds so much like the pharisees and the saducees to me that it is impossible to imagine.  And with the spin and noise degrading fast before general convention (they are now calling the progressive stance a "pagan version of Christianity" based not in truth but in the "spirit of the age"), the chants around the gold cow grow louder.

I have faith, though, that somehow, as with the Israelites, God will set us back on the right path.  God destroyed the gold cow of the Israelites.  God will put this gold cow back to rights too.  We just have to be patient and not build our own gold cows in the meantime.



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