May 4, 2006

Original Post Date:  5/4/2006

I almost quit blogging.  Not this blog, but I regularly post on Susan Russell's blog (see links, sidebar).

What I found, aside from the fact that it was taking a lot of my time, was that I was getting upset by it.

I was getting into unwinnable debates.  I have always believed that "talking across the divide" can yield fruits.  I'm not sure that it still can't, but I'm not sure that blogging is a place where it is most effective.  I think the interpersonal connection is a big part of being effective in changing people's minds.  Most people are already too invested in what they believe to change, at least at the polar ends.  If they do change, it will likely be because of the connection they feel with the person they are dialoging with, not the arguments that are used.  That is my theory, anyway, and at least partially my experience.

So I was going to stop blogging on Susan's blog, because most of the blogs I was most heavily involved with were dialogues or debates with conservatives posters who really weren't going to change their minds no matter how illogical their arguments, and I wasn't going to change my mind no matter how illogical my arguments.

But then tonight Susan's partner, Louise, told me how much she appreciated my posts.  I told her I had quit and the short story of why.  She said there were a lot of people out there who might get inspiration from the posts who just weren't posting for one reason or another.  And I think that is true.

So what I started thinking about is the interconnectedness of our lives- the wonderful ways in which the Spirit works- and how something that I might write might be inspirational to someone that I'll never even meet.  That's really wonderful.  And then I thought how that applies to everyday life- everything from really obvious things like goods I donate to charity to the less obvious things like the way I treat people I interact with.  How many times have I been having a bad day and run into a supermarket checker who was just really bubbly and just had joy that was contagious?  Or whatever.

Anyway – it isn't rocket science and maybe this isn't the most inspirational post.  But I'm going to keep posting on Susan's blog.  And here too.  Even if I have only had 7 readers this week.  And thanks for reading, all 7 of you!


2 Responses to “Blogging”

  1. Shirley Says:

    You’re invited too. Please read my post from today. Don’t miss the comments. 🙂



  2. Jeff Says:

    Thanks Shirley!

    Enjoyed the post on the house! Would love to come to the house party! 🙂


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