A Choice

May 2, 2006

Original Post Date:  5/2/2006

A God of judgement, or a God of love?

A world of scarcity, or a world of abundance?

A Bible that is the end of the discussion, or that is the beginning of the discussion?

A world that is getting worse, or a world that is getting better?

Fear, or hope?

Finding the right answers, or asking the right questions?

Knowing, or trusting?

A place for the select few, or a place for all?

A God that sets boundaries with rules, or a God that pushes us to extend our boundaries with love?

An unreachable God, or a God that walks with us on our journey daily?

A God of terrible judgement and wrath to be feared, or a God whose love is bigger than we can imagine (or maybe would like)?

Christ that died to punish us for our sins, or Christ that died to set us free that we might be resurrected in him to love one another?

What choice do you make?


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