Special Commission’s Report on the Church

April 7, 2006

Original Post Date:  4/7/2006

The Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Commission released their report today on recommendations for moving forward.  You can read it here.

I loved it. It is exactly what we need (except the moratorium on same-sex blessings). I could do without the hiatus on gay bishops too, but all in all I love the spirit, the intent (OK – the language is a little dry, but nothing is perfect). I do love that we are in a church that "gets it" though, that understands that community is what it is about, that reaffirms our humanity as GLBT people and is willing to introduce legislation specifically to say so, that calls over and over again for the ENTIRE CHURCH globally to read and study a document prepared by gay folks on how gay people really can and do provide effective leadership in the church ("To Set Our Hope on Christ"). I was starting to get a little discouraged that the document said nothing about our plight as GLBT people within the church and almost seemed willing to sacrifice us for the sake of communal ties. But when I read the resolutions calling for us to be fully accepted and repenting of the church's exclusion of GLBT people I got over it. I think they fully understand where we need to go but also understand that it will take time to get there – Rome wasn't built in a day and to take the church – the WHOLE CHURCH with us we have to move slowly and carefully too. Move too fast and we risk becoming exclusionary ourselves.

This is far from the "U-Turn" predicted by the schismatics. With a few tweaks at GC06, this will be an outright affirmation to us.


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